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HOMEC&D CENTERDirection of operation

There are three major focal points
in the operation of the Welcos C&D Center.

We strive to develop new products and new formulations that meet the needs of our consumers. The cosmetics industry is highly competitive and we clearly realize that Welcos needs to be able to offer a competitive advantage to our customers. As such, we strive to develop unique and differentiated cosmetics of our own in terms of physiological efficacy based on efficacy, stability, and safety.

  • Prescribing technology

    We have a variety of product formulations from basic cosmetics to hair cosmetics used by consumers, covering every need of our customers from head to toe.

  • functional component
    Stabilizing technology

    Welcos has an effective formulation stabilization technology. Our unique multi-lamellar emulsion (MLE) technology can increase efficacy by stabilizing various active ingredients that are difficult to stabilize in the multi-layered multi-lamella structure and deliver them into the skin. Multilamellar emulsion stabilizing technology enables to build skin-like structure and strengthen skin barrier.

  • Absorption boosting technology

    Skin-like structure emulsion technology boosts absorption of active ingredients as well as formation of skin barrier
    Skin-like structure emulsion
    An emulsion that has a composition similar to that of the keratinocytes that make up the skin. An emulsion consisting of ceramide, fatty acid and cholesterol in the composition of 5:3:2

  • Controlled releasing technology

    It helps to enhance the efficacy of cosmetics by applying controlled release technology that can maintain the effect of active ingredients for a sustained period of time through continuous penetration of active ingredients into the skin or hair.

Through continuous monitoring of changes in technology and the market, we maximize the efficiency and marketability of product development by collecting and analyzing information on market trends and product technology.

  • Creating New Concepts

    We develop products that meet customer needs by grasping market trends through continuous market research and cosmetic expo, and endeavor to develop products that are one step ahead of current trends.

  • Creating New Values for Customers

    We are committed to developing products that fit the characteristics of our customers ranging from offline distribution to ODM, exports, and online.

  • Creating Expertise in Research

    We analyze domestic and overseas development trends, discover various information and ideas, and release results of differentiated new formulation research. We also work hard to strengthen our expertise in cosmetics research by continuing to analyze industry prospects and collect data.

We strive to build a strong C&D network for superior product development by utilizing the development research personnel of Welcos and external organizations.

  • Functionality test

    An independent external clinical organization conducts a test for effects of functional products

  • New ingredients development

    We develop new ingredients that are in trend while maintaining an organic relationship with universities and material developers.

  • Stability test

    An independent external clinical organization conducts a skin stability test for a smarter better product development.

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